Look everyone, I’m not trying to solicit your thanks or praise necessarily, but I think I’m kinda getting you in on the ground floor of a confirmed music situation here. An honest to God happening. Roo & The Howl’s very first full length album has only been out for about a month at this point and that’s a good jump on the game. Also, NoiseTrade. You guys, you’ve got that algorithm dialed in.
Azure Ray, a CGPLS timeline: 2003: Azure Ray releases Hold On Love. 2006: I finally listen to it. I don’t really like it. I don’t HATE it, I just don’t like it that much. 2010: Azure Ray releases Drawing Down The Moon. I see that they released it, but I figure I don’t care, I didn’t like the last one. 2010: A month later I listen to it anyway. I need new music.
I absolutely adore A Girl Called Eddy. In a metaphorical world where Rachael Yamagata is my one and only, A Girl Called Eddy is the girl I met that made me wonder. I’ve been considering exactly how to describe this music in the most make-you-wanna-listen way for months. Hopefully the following does the trick. Some music is airy and lighthearted, it puts a spring in your step, puts you in a good mood.