23 Jan 2009, 00:58 MST


Cute Girls Playing Love Songs is the brainchild of Adam and Joe with substantial positive encouragement delivered by the biggest internet celebrity we know personally, Sara Beth.

The title comes from an off-hand comment made with regard to Adam’s music library.  As the idea of a music blog began to percolate, it came back as a possible title.  Over beer and pie, the domain was purchased and the journey begun.

It’s important to note, this blog (mlog?) is not JUST about cute girls playing love songs, but you will certainly find plenty of cute girls playing love songs here.

A further note from Adam: Just so we’re all on the same page, this entire site is predicated on what are essentially my musical mood swings which ebb and flow on a scale from mute sociopath to tent revival preacher. When the spirit is in me, I am a wellspring of thought and composition. When it is not, I cannot squeeze a drop of inspirado from its glandular source, my desire to do so being wholly irrelevant. While I am sorry for ye few that enjoy reading and listening to this thing I do sometimes, it is in my nature to do thus. I am the scorpion to your fox. Joe is basically just too good for all of us now (no idea what that guy’s up to anymore, such is life), so you’re stuck with me and my often inadequate volume of output. Unfortunately for all of us that means the very best in vintage sporadicism money can buy for free on the internet. Rest assured, though, that when I bring it, it will be worth your while. “It” being, you know, internet words and song noises, so you know, as worth your while as such things may be.