18 Feb 2013, 17:49 MST


Well, friends, it’s been barely a month and here I am again. I’m serious, don’t raise your expectations.

So, these guys just turned up following me on Twitter. I do not know why. I looked at my followers and there they were. I clicked the link thinking “Why would this band be following me on Twitter?” I still cannot answer that, but the freshly pressed EP I found there makes me think it’s just the fate of random chance. You know, or something.

It’s late and I’m not doing well at the creative and entertaining writing part of our program. Trouvere melds two sounds that I like: bouncy pop and cute-girl-voice. It make nice feel-sound in ear-hole. I’m sorry folks, I just don’t have it tonight.

Here’s a track:

I Wanna Let You In

Right now they’re giving away GIVING AWAY their musical labours, so I’m only linking one since you can go get the whole thing for zero international spacebux: trouveretheband.com

Commence acquisitoning immediately. It’s good stuff. I also quite like I’ll Catch You When You Fall, just puttin’ that out there.