23 Dec 2009, 09:14 MST

The Inaugural Holiday Season Post

It’s that time of year, you know? So, Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah in the culturally-insensitive and gloriously irreverent words of Virgin Mobile.

Everywhere you listen right now, it’s Christmas music and let me tell you, friends, I’ve been sick of Christmas music for about a decade. So, what I’m gonna do, rather than punishing you with more yuletide jingles, is just put up some of my favorite one-offs. Maybe I didn’t like the whole album, maybe they’re from a soundtrack, maybe they’re just absurdist nonsense. I’m not even gonna guarantee they all involve cute girls or love songs. Alright? And we’re off.

This one is wintery, at least. Zooey knocked down this standard with Leon Redbone for the medium-grade film Elf. If Elf did nothing else for me, it did this. This song right here is why I can’t stand She & Him. I want more of this.
Zooey and Leon Redbone – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Joe is a dedicated Toto fan. I’m a huge fan of Africa and the Dune score, so I guess I’m a Toto fan as well. One of my closet genres is acapella, and Four Shadow is one of my favorites. Thus:
Four Shadow – Africa

Handsome Boy Modeling School was (is?) an interesting experiment, but I only liked a couple songs alot. This one especially, cause I like Cat Power most of the time.
Handsome Boy ft Cat Power – I’ve Been Thinking

Still no album, but I think when Katherine Gehl delivers one, it might be pretty good.
Katherine Gehl – Identical Shirts

The most twisted Carpenters cover in history. PS, if you haven’t seen MirrorMask, punch yourself in the kidney once and then go watch it immediately. Visual smorgasbord.
MirrorMask – Close To You

I like Sia. Sorta. But either way, this track was banished to her Lady Croissant live album, strangely, and it’s probably my favorite Sia song. No, it is not a live track. I know, right?
Sia – Pictures

My girl Adaline keeps busy. In this case, she made a pretty decent electronica song with DJ Revise.
DJ Revise ft Adaline – Don’t Look Down

If Ben Sollee would cut it with the political commentary and just play his cello and sing songs about something else, I’d be a Ben Sollee fan. As it is, guy drives me nuts. Regardless, this Sam Cooke cover is dope. Well, except the part where he injects a bunch of politico bs. But except for that, DOPE.
Ben Sollee – A Change is Gonna Come

If you don’t like Tears For Fears, just get out. Also, if you don’t like Clare and the Reasons, get out twice. And if you don’t like Clare and the Reasons covering Tears For Fears, well, I can follow that it’s a little odd. But I likes it.
Clare and the Reasons – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Best for last. Two foundational posits:

  • Of all the things Tucson has, one of them is a comparatively low-evil Clear Channel affiliate called The Mountain. And one thing The Mountain does that’s awesome is the Live in Studio C series where they bring great acts in and let ’em do stuff unplugged.
  • Brandi Carlile is awesome. Brandi Carlile’s covers are awesome. Brandi Carlile’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is an awesome burger with a side of awesome fries and a large awesome juice. It’s the #1 awesome combo, if you’re curious.

Put one and two together and you’ve got Brandi Carlile covering Hallelujah in Studio C. It is magical.
Brandi Carlile – Hallelujah (Studio C)

Happy Holidays, everyone, I hope they’re good for you.