14 Feb 2011, 12:58 MST

The Civil Wars

Happy Valentines Day, reader. I say reader as I’m sure most of you have left this place for more frequently updated pastures, and I can hardly blame you. I have exceeded the one-year-without-posting hard rule and my shunning is required by internet law. However, I return penitent in hopes that I may pass with these offerings. I, however, make no assertions nor intend any implications that should indicate that I expect to post more anytime soon. I have a few queued up though. Maybe. If I get some comments on this post, well. Perhaps my exceeding egotism and/or guilt will require it.

I submit to you The Civil Wars. Is it bluegrass? Is it country? I find it labeled “folk rock” but I just don’t care for that. What it is, and it is this, is really really good.

Barton Hollow evokes a song I love by an artist I otherwise can’t find merit in: Home by Marc Broussard as heard on his album Carencro. To Whom It May Concern is a much more delicate piece of work. This metaphorical pony has tricks. With an s, my friends.

Barton Hollow
To Whom It May Concern