25 Apr 2009, 05:22 MST

The Bird and The Bee

Part 1 (in a continuing series): Please Clap Your Hands. The Bird and The Bee are crazy good. How could they not be? Brilliant production/instrumentation from the well-traveled Greg Kurstin (No kidding: Sia, The Flaming Lips, Kylie Minogue, Beck, Rilo Kiley, and Jane’s Addiction) and swoon-worthy vocals by perennial crush-inducer Inara George come together in a magical tropicália-infused electronically-augmented ear-gasm that just does not quit. At times evoking shades of Jem, Frou Frou and Bitter:Sweet, at times eschewing comparison, The Bird and The Bee deliver one thing consistently: quality.

I realize there’s a lot of material out there. I realize that. I’m digesting it in chunks. Currently I can be found weeping openly in public over the concept that Please Clap Your Hands has been out there for nearly two years and I’m only now experiencing the joy. If you see me crying, reader, just turn away. Seriously, this EP is patently outstanding. Just listen to that Bee Gees cover and try to convince yourself you don’t need it.

Polite Dance Song
How Deep Is Your Love