09 Jun 2016, 19:01 MST

Lera Lynn

This was a total accident. Maybe fate, if you believe in that sort of thing.

I got a notification from PledgeMusic that Elizabeth & The Catapult had posted an update on the new album project and I popped over there on my phone and it gave me one of those “you might also like” situations and I’m not even kidding you, I hit the wrong spot on the phone and there I was looking at Lera Lynn’s PledgeMusic. She’s just put out her own new album, RESISTOR and I mean, once I’m there, may as well listen right?

The beautiful weight of Lera Lynn’s sound is a hard thing to describe. Deep and dense and dark, guitar-driven tracks cut across a reverb-infused mix, intimate vocals with just a little grit. It’s intent, and earnest, and consuming. I can’t stop listening to Fade Into The Black. It pulls on me. It has gravity.

Listen, buy, etc.

Fade Into The Black
Shape Shifter

Where to find Lera Lynn:
Twitter: @LeraLynn
Website: leralynn.com