07 Oct 2009, 11:54 MST

Human Interest Piece

No, that’s not the name of an awesome musical act (but it should be), this is just an editorial. I have some general interest musical things to bring to the attention of our illustrious and discerning readership.

First, CGPLS alum Adaline (who actually saw the post I did on her back in June) is involved in a competition for a phat stack of music development cash up in Canada and, as is customary in all competitions of the Modern Era, there’s a user vote component to the whole thing. It’s called the Peak Performance Project and it sounds like a great idea to me. I like Adaline’s music, I’m all for more of it, so I’m encouraging all of you to figuratively stroll on over to the voting area found here and do some voting for Adaline. When she wins the grandest prize and goes on her US tour in support of her sophomore album, and that tour stops in Tucson (it better), I’ll be doing my best to get one of those hilariously bad celebrity candids that people are always taking of themselves and a slightly uncomfortable star, which in this case will be Adaline (how lucky for her!). I will then post it here. That’s right everyone, you’re not just helping Adaline, you’re (possibly) helping me entertain you with pictures (maybe)! I know you want to vote extra bad now, so I’ll include the link again: vote here As a little bonus material, here’s a track Adaline recorded in one day with also-contestants Bend Sinister at The Peak Performance Project Boot Camp between runs through the obstacle course and ferocious pugil stick battles.

In a Minute

Second, I just got my physical copy of Catherine Feeny’s new album. As I indicated in the “Catherine Feeny has a new album” post, it’s signed and numbered and she even signed it with a heart so now we’re best friends. But it also came with a nice hand-written note of thanks. That’s class, folks, and I endorse class of that caliber and so I’m including pictures of my new favorite album of all time and the note to attempt yet again to tickle your consumer bone.
cf-pith-back-thumb cf-pith-front-thumb cf-pith-note-thumb

I took it out to the lawn and just stared up at a blue sky and listened. And took pictures of it. If you haven’t yet gone over to Catherine Feeny’s site then get over there and order this thing already. In case you weren’t moved to part with your hard earned dollars by the last two tracks (how could you not be?) and the amazing photos (I know they’re mediocre), here’s just one more musical sample to push you over the edge. Don’t waste another moment, go, spend, do what you must.

New York in the Spring

And lastly, some site news! We’re being featured in a magazine! I know, right? It’s called ELIZA and it’s basically a quarterly on how to be my dream girl. By that I mean it’s about fashion and lifestyle for classy ladies, kinda Audrey Hepburn meets the new millennium. They’re doing a story about bloggers in their fall issue and they thought of us! Joe and I are both pleased as punch over the whole thing. We turned in the longest, stream-of-consciousness, over-the-top set of interview responses and Geidy (the poor writer who had to deal with us) managed to make us incredibly digestible. Pick up the new issue and in addition to reading about the mythical geniuses behind CGPLS, you’ll get an outstanding fashion magazine for yourself or your special lady. Do also check out their blog. Editor Summer Bellessa has taken to scooping us on some quality music of late, so if you like what you’re reading here, she’s probably got something for you over there too. Our totally geeked-out thanks to Summer and Geidy and everyone at ELIZA for making us feel cool.

And that’s it folks. I promise there’s some music coming up. Seriously. The change in seasons has me digging into some old favorites, all of which will be posted. It won’t be disappointing. Well, probably not, anyway.