09 Jun 2014, 10:13 MST


I think we’ve all come to terms with my unadulterated love of words and generally speaking I think precedent would suggest I will happily use a thousand words instead of a picture ten times out of ten. Knowing that, and potentially having read the other things I’ve written here, I expect the following will be somewhat of a light shock and I wanted to prepare you for it with a vaguely wordy introduction that meanders along, much as I normally do. The thing is I just…don’t have words for this. I essentially subsisted on this album for three weeks, I took a break for Roo & the Howl (coming soon, seriously, no seriously, I’m serious guys), and I just-now-this-very-minute threw it back on with my good cans and I almost broke down under the weight of quality. This is the entire review of HAIM’s first LP, Days Are Gone:

Days Are Gone is a next-generation multi-megaton treaty-violating world-destroying orbitally-deployed satellite-guided super-sonic ordinance of pure, unadulterated, life-altering, musical joy.

If I Could Change Your Mind

I literally don’t even. Go buy this album right now. This qualifies as an order. I want more HAIM music and I need you people to buy all the albums so they keep making more HAIM music. I’m not kidding, I will come find you. Both of you.

Where you can find HAIM:
Twitter: @HAIMtheband
Website: haimtheband.com

I know I don’t normally include that information, but I feel like I should. A lot of my favorite artists engage on social media a lot and I gotta say, getting a reply from Elizabeth Ziman (@thecatapult) or Meiko (@meiko) or Hafdís Huld (@HafdisHuld) or Kay Hanley (@kayhanley) is pretty fun, so I’m gonna try to remember to do this. If you check the “Following” list for the CGPLS Twitter account (@cutegirlsongs), I try to make it follow just about everyone I write up, so maybe look there also. I don’t do the Facebooks so you’ll have to sort that situation out yourself. You’ll find a way, I think.