30 Aug 2013, 10:07 MST

Good Lovelies

There is music, sometimes, that just makes you happy. Happy is, maybe, too strong a word. Let’s say it puts a spring in your step, that’s closer to what I mean. That is what Let The Rain Fall, the most recent studio outing from Good Lovelies (THE Good Lovelies maybe?… The ambiguity of the definite article situation in regards to the disposition of the name of this musical act has yielded a certain amount of consternation within me that is wholly disproportionate to the issue), does. I’d describe them as alt-bluegrass, I think. Or jazz-country? Western swing? In more concrete terms, they’re like The Ditty Bops without the weird or like the Be Good Tanyas with a more traditional melodic palate or the Puppini Sisters with more country. Delicious three-part harmonies, banjos and stand-up bass, upbeat…and well, just generally magical.

It’s worth noting that if you’re finding (THE?!?) Good Lovelies from me, you actually owe a transitive debt of gratitude to Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, as they used Old Highway as an interstitial in Car Talk while I was driving home and, well, here we are. In honor of such:

Well folks, it’s happened again. You’ve wasted another ten minutes of your life on Cute Girls Playing Love Songs. Our producer is Adam “The Unreliable Wordsmith” Michel. Our social media specialist is Amaya Tweeting, our personal chef is Bernie Awder, our corporate accountant is Adam Allup, our horse trainer is Buck Inghell, our private jet pilot is Wi Tu Lo, our back-country fishing guide is Kenny Ketchum, our IT manager is Guetta Mac, our fashion consultant is Preshya Payntz, our music director is Ivan Dulissen, our broadcast engineer is Ann Tinaphaia, our software development specialist is Cody Raisure and our concierge physician is Tanya Heed. And remember, don’t listen to obscure music like my brother. (I’m an only child.)

Old Highway