19 Feb 2023, 20:32 MST


It’s an actual tragedy that I’ve never written up Feist. It’s Feist. She is unquestionbly among the canonized saints of this site, a brilliant and peerless voice that is at once among the most unique and yet informs so many. As with some of my other very favorites there are elements of Feist that feel so wholly incorporated into the intrinsic fabric of my taste that she’s a kind of blind spot by virtue of brilliance. Why would I write about Feist, everyone knows about Feist, THE Leslie Feist. Feist. Feist is a keystone of, like, music, right? Is that…not? Right? Who could exist in this world that does not listen to Feist? That does not already know that Feist is a genius? That has not been laid bare before her crystalline vibrato? “Reminders” is universal, surely.

Her particular idiom is iconoclastic and I come and go with how much her album releases resonate, but this time it’s happening and my soul is ready. Multitudes, her forthcoming effort, has three preview tracks out as we speak and the one you hear below is…perfect. It is perfect. I could not adore this track more, it’s not possible. When she a capella harmonizes “til you whisper it in my ear” with herself I am elevated. I am, as the kids say, sent. She unleashed these spells upon the world on Valentine’s Day with a free show on the interwebs consisting of a single continuous music video, and it was very cool. The segment of the video for this track has already been made available and you should watch it so the glorious algorithm will show Feist to everyone.

I’ve been in a bit of a music slump for a little while, as sometimes happens. There’s been good music but there’s a more specific sort of thing, a thing that oscillates at my fundamental frequency, that exists in sympathy with my being. It’s more rare, and it’s been missing. Mercifully, Feist is here now. Everything is ok. I feel it again. Blessed art Feist among musicians, saving sinners like me.

UPDATE: The second music video is up also: In Lightning

This album is going to be so good, I am serious.

Hiding Out In The Open

Where to find Feist:
Twitter: @feistmusic
Website: www.listentofeist.com