28 Mar 2012, 17:34 MST


I know it’s been a while. Picture me, friend. No, not rolling. Picture me in a misanthropic silence-cave of laziness and platitude on a throne of quiet destitution. There is music here but there is not Music here. Imagine, if you can, the sort of holy-light, soul wrenching, wondrous and magnificent sound it would take to shatter that bitter reverie so brilliantly as to generate a post on this much neglected weblog.

Good news, you don’t have to. Click play below.

I cannot adequately communicate how stunningly good the music of Elizaveta is. I could talk about spacious arrangements, orchestral overtones, Postal Service-worthy beats and the heart-wrenching beauty of her professionally operatic voice but I cannot describe the way her music feels. It is inside you when you listen. If you can’t feel the chorus of Dreamer in your heart of hearts like a suitcase nuclear bomb trying to shatter you into a million shimmering fragments of wonder, you almost certainly do not have a heart. I’m sorry if that’s bad news.

Dreamer is amazing. It is a digitally encoded form of refined amazement. It will amaze the part of your brain that understands amaz-words into a redefinition of the concept.

Armies of Your Heart is even better than that.

Armies Of Your Heart