25 Apr 2009, 19:20 MST


The Brazilian-turned-New-Yorker duo of Blondfire has been rattling around in my music library for a long time. Known as Astaire pre-2005, they were forced to change their name by, I kid you not friends, the Estate of Fred Astaire. What the hell Estate of Fred Astaire? Are two kids making really slick electro-pop really a danger to your cash cow? You people need to get a job, clearly you have nothing to do all day.

Anyway, I snagged their acoustic EP from the iTunes Store back in ’05, immediately after the name change. It was good. I decided to see what their full sound was like, turns out they do a kind of electro-lounge thing, something I’m pretty fond of. They’ve got a full LP out now, though I haven’t yet heard it. I’m still very attached to the Don’t Whisper Lies EP, and as such, here are a couple highlights from such. It’s conceivable that I might acquire the LP at a later date and regale the uninterested and silent internet with my thoughts about it. It’s kinda what the site is for, I guess.

Don’t Whisper Lies