10 Feb 2016, 20:16 MST

Allison Weiss

In that way that sometimes happens, Allison Weiss fell right out of the clear blue sky. I didn’t find her among the rubble on Spotify or Last.fm, I didn’t hear her on the radio or read an article, I didn’t hear her lyrics coming out a car window and look them up on the spot. I didn’t do a damn thing, folks. This one was all Jenny Owen Youngs.

I’m just readin’ my Twitter like you do and Jenny Owen Youngs is talking about her UK tour and I’m internal-grumblin’ about how I want to watch Jenny Owen Youngs and she sends out this little deal right here:

And I basically just click that business on over to Allison Weiss’ Twitter and next thing you know I’m listening to New Love on Spotify and then I’m buying New Love on Bandcamp and New Love is all I’m listening to because I’m in love with New Love and well, now we’re here.

I’m not sure how to describe why I’m surprised that I am so enamoured of New Love. Indie pop doesn’t usually set up shop in my ear like this, but there is something here that is pushing the right buttons in the right order. Just the right combination of some rockin’ guitar and some 4/4 time and earnest lyrics and some reverb and I don’t know, probably mermaid tears? Hippogriff talon? Owlbear hide? Something. I’ve barely been listening to this album for a month and I’ve woken up no less than two times whistling “Good Way”. I don’t even know. You win, Allison Weiss.

Well, I guess actually I win.

Good Way
Golden Coast

Where to find Allison Weiss:
Twitter: @allisonweiss
Website: allisonw.com

Editor’s note, from the future: John-Allison Weiss is this artist’s correct name. In the future, should I write about Johnny A.W. again, their name will be reflected appropriately. This post is of its time, and in that time these words were correct.