In that way that sometimes things find you, this one came right to me. I quite literally woke up one day and there it was. A friend, long moved away to the far coast, that I hadn’t heard from in some time, texts me a link to this album, just right out of the blue. At 7am, comically, time zones. “Hi! Currently have this one on repeat” it says. We agree strongly on Haim, among other things, so I clicked the link immediately.
Happy New Year? I guess? I’m sure you’re probably sore with me if you still even follow the site. Hey, I do what I can, ok? The music comes when it comes. But seriously kids, I have something for you here. I. HAVE. SOMETHING. I NoiseTrade here and there cause you get to try on music for nothing, which in many cases will lead me to go drop real dollars on albums and EPs and the like.
Katie Herzig is so right it defies common reason. Combining the better parts of bluegrass and pop with what must be fairy dust and unicorn musk, Katie delivers a sound both familiar and different, immediately identifiable for all the right reasons. Apple Tree is one of the most well put together albums I’ve ever heard. She swings seamlessly from uptempo numbers to stripped down acoustic tracks to expansive show-pieces. Her charmingly affected vocals preside over expertly layered orchestrations, co-mingling to produce a sound that is uniquely Katie Herzig.