Rebecka Törnqvist, my Swedish crush. Melting Into Orange is a very unique album. Her mix of light electronic and jazz is novel enough, but with her bell-clear voice piercing the mix with just the right touch of reverb, there’s not much to dislike. I’m finding it difficult to present anything close to a representative sample of the album, so I just posted two I like. You should also listen to Wit Waltz, Cuckoo and The Poachers, if you’re serious about the process. If not, then, you know. Don’t, I guess?

Quick point of order, all Amazon has is the import of this album, no MP3s. Far be it from me to advise you against buying from Amazon, I love those guys, but Rebecka’s own site has MP3 downloads, although they aren’t particularly cheap either. Anyway, linkage:

I Wanted This To Be Your Song
Tell On You