Zella Day

Zella Day

I’m back, folks. Welcome to 2015. I brought you something, today. Today, I brought you something.

I’m gonna lead off with a zinger: Zella Day is volcano set to erupt and cover the pop musical landscape in her hot fire and I’m gonna get you keyed in on this before she’s suddenly winning a Grammy Award and you’re wondering how someone this good slipped by you direct to Song of the Year. You. Are. Welcome. Unless you’ve already heard of her. Then, like, whatever, I try hard and your words hurt.

Number one: Spotify is great. I’ve said so before, but I wanted to let you know again. Before you get all “but the artists get no money” on me, I’m with you. They don’t, it sucks, and if my not being a subscriber would change that for the better, I’d cut them off right now and join Taylor Swift on the sidewalk with a picket sign. Unfortunately, this is where we live now, so I’ve chosen to take on the use of Spotify for screening purposes, that is, I take all the music I think I should listen to and I put it in a playlist and listen to it. If it’s good, I go buy it from somewhere else. Ok? Internet? I’m a stand-up guy, I like my artists to make more music. The value Spotify brings to my process is immediate and ubiquitous access to a stupefying mountain of music and within this gargantuan mass, there are precious materials and much as I have previously done with such things as Last.fm and Bandcamp, I now mine this resource with a jaunty tune in my heart and carefully pick-axe the overburden to reach the hidden golden rewards.

I was recommended her "Seven Nation Army" cover and with it being immediately and ubiquitously available (you see what I did there) I listened to it. It’s basically a song constructed of the things you might use to bait me into a bear trap and so I’m flibberin’ my gibbets, as you might expect, and I pull up her artist page and there’s more songs! But not a lot of songs which means either she’s got a 20 year library of indie label things I’ll never find or I’m basically on the ground floor which is my favorite place to be. So I just threw them all in my playlist and filed it away for later. A thing I learned when I came back to that playlist that you can know now: "Seven Nation Army" is something Zella Day did, but it is NOT what Zella Day DOES.

What Zella Day does is…hm. Well, you see, it’s…::sigh::. Electro…rock../pop…songs. Inspired, vaguely melancholy and downright lovely, songs. There are skittering shadows of Lana Del Rey here, it’s an unavoidable comparison, but there’s always been a kind of film, a grime, for me, on the sound of LDR songs and that is not here. These are crisp and gorgeous and I’m telling you as soon as "Hypnotic" hits the radio in a real way, the kids will catapult her to the moon and in place of a Dark Lord we will have a Queen, not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn. ::ahem::

Now for some comedy: I just track-name dropped "Hypnotic" and I’m not wrong about it, but I’m not gonna give it to you. Do your own homework. I like "Sweet Ophelia" better, so you get "Sweet Ophelia". And "Seven Nation Army" cause it’s important to know where we came from. I defy you to stop yourself from getting the rest of her available output. She’s even got a couple remixes out that are really great. Just… Look. Just go buy it. I’m tellin’ you.

Seven Nation Army
Sweet Ophelia

Where to find Zella Day:
Twitter: @zelladay
Website: zelladay.com



Well, friends, it’s been barely a month and here I am again. I’m serious, don’t raise your expectations.

So, these guys just turned up following me on Twitter. I do not know why. I looked at my followers and there they were. I clicked the link thinking “Why would this band be following me on Twitter?” I still cannot answer that, but the freshly pressed EP I found there makes me think it’s just the fate of random chance. You know, or something.

It’s late and I’m not doing well at the creative and entertaining writing part of our program. Trouvere melds two sounds that I like: bouncy pop and cute-girl-voice. It make nice feel-sound in ear-hole. I’m sorry folks, I just don’t have it tonight.

Here’s a track:

I Wanna Let You In

Right now they’re giving away GIVING AWAY their musical labours, so I’m only linking one since you can go get the whole thing for zero international spacebux: trouveretheband.com

Commence acquisitoning immediately. It’s good stuff. I also quite like I’ll Catch You When You Fall, just puttin’ that out there.



The Brazilian-turned-New-Yorker duo of Blondfire has been rattling around in my music library for a long time. Known as Astaire pre-2005, they were forced to change their name by, I kid you not friends, the Estate of Fred Astaire. What the hell Estate of Fred Astaire? Are two kids making really slick electro-pop really a danger to your cash cow? You people need to get a job, clearly you have nothing to do all day.

Anyway, I snagged their acoustic EP from the iTunes Store back in ’05, immediately after the name change. It was good. I decided to see what their full sound was like, turns out they do a kind of electro-lounge thing, something I’m pretty fond of. They’ve got a full LP out now, though I haven’t yet heard it. I’m still very attached to the Don’t Whisper Lies EP, and as such, here are a couple highlights from such. It’s conceivable that I might acquire the LP at a later date and regale the uninterested and silent internet with my thoughts about it. It’s kinda what the site is for, I guess.

Don’t Whisper Lies