Sick Beats
You might call this post “timely”. In a scant few days the debut LP from The Marías will be upon us and here you are, nay we are, ahead of the game. I can’t believe it either. The Marías. Are we on another episode of “Adam Listens to Songs In Languages He Does Not Understand”? ¿Es Un Millón en Español? Sí. ¿Hablo Español? Un poco, y mal. I’m sure I didn’t even get those ten words right, let alone in the right order.
I am very late To this MADE IN HEIGHTS party Which is now over Abrupt, unexpected end Kelsey Bulkin gone solo All before my time All before I even knew That I should be sad Nevertheless, here we are Nevertheless, here it is Listen to these beats Hear these silky, sweet vocals Bring it all inside Murakami Slow Burn Where to find MADE IN HEIGHTS: Twitter: @madeinheights Website: