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VÉRITÉ (Kelsey Byrne) comes to us from the land of alt-pop indie-tronica (also New York, I guess) with a voice that I would follow right into a burning building. It's a textural toolbox; smoke, gravel, breathy falsetto, vibrato, she just pulls out the tools and goes to work. Also, and not in these tracks, but sometimes, just sometimes, she'll reach in there and pull out an f-bomb and just drop it right on you and I think we all know I love a good f-bomb.

If there's one thing that's frustrating to me as a member of the ancient Music-Comes-In-Albums people, she's fond of dropping singles and then collecting them up into EPs and, I assume at least, potentially gathering them together again into the traditional LP that I would normally direct you to, though this final form has yet to manifest. This makes it hard to know if I'm listening to the newest VÉRITÉ, and I often forget and must check the Spotify artist page again to see if there are more singles. It's really a point upon which I am genuinely torn. On the one hand I like the organization and demarkation of albums, even EPs, as often they're thematically organized and I can refer to the tracks found within as a grouping in some terms or other. On the other hand, I am genuinely chuffed as hell that we're living in a musical landscape that's conducive to an artist putting out a series of singles and being successful.

It's just another entry in a distinguished list of things that demonstrate my inherent aversion to change. Functional obsessive-compulsives of the world unite.

So here are a couple. I mean this when I say that she's just generally fantastic at this music thing and though I can't direct you to an LP for consumption, I'd head on over to the artist pages I've linked below and get to gettin'. "Underdressed" and "Strange Enough" and "Colors" and and and. You have much to do, reader. Much to listen to.


Where to find VÉRITÉ:
Twitter: @Verite

Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens

I'm gonna keep it simple on this one. First, hot knowledge bomb for you. Her name is not Christine. It's Héloïse Letissier, which may be the most French name I've ever seen, and I keep pronouncing it in a truly awful French accent in my head over and over. I'm talking Steve Martin in The Pink Panther bad, here.

But never mind that. Brass tacks: "Tilted" is one of the best songs I've heard in a long, long time. Thick and round and warm and then she does the spoken word in French and...::sigh:: I want to wrap myself up in this song and stay there. It's synth-y heaven. "Paradis Perdus" I love for the Kanye "sample". She really does justice to it and since she sings the rest of the song in French, of course I adore it even though I have no idea what it means. I understand the lyrics are from a '70s French song of the same title, but I wouldn't understand it any better on the original recording, so this is just gonna be a CatQ song for me.

Paradis Perdus

Where to find Christine and the Queens:
Twitter: @QueensChristine

PS: I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't also point you to the video for "Tilted". It's kind of an avant-garde pop-n-lock modern dance showcase, and it is mesmerizing and wonderful and I keep watching it:
Tilted (Official Video)

Honestly if I ever moved like that I'd probably need to see a doctor.

Lera Lynn

Lera Lynn

This was a total accident. Maybe fate, if you believe in that sort of thing.

I got a notification from PledgeMusic that Elizabeth & The Catapult had posted an update on the new album project and I popped over there on my phone and it gave me one of those "you might also like" situations and I'm not even kidding you, I hit the wrong spot on the phone and there I was looking at Lera Lynn's PledgeMusic. She's just put out her own new album, RESISTOR and I mean, once I'm there, may as well listen right?

The beautiful weight of Lera Lynn's sound is a hard thing to describe. Deep and dense and dark, guitar-driven tracks cut across a reverb-infused mix, intimate vocals with just a little grit. It's intent, and earnest, and consuming. I can't stop listening to Fade Into The Black. It pulls on me. It has gravity.

Listen, buy, etc.

Fade Into The Black
Shape Shifter

Where to find Lera Lynn:
Twitter: @LeraLynn

Marian Hill

Marian Hill

Come with me on a vision quest for a minute. Picture the word "slinky" in your mind. No, dammit, not Slinky®. Slinky the adjective. Cat burglars and black dresses and smoky nightclubs, steamy noir streets, tuxedos and delicate curls of cigarette smoke against an inky sky, right? Now, imagine slinky as a sound. That's Marian Hill. That's what they do. It's jazz, it's dubtronica, it's chill tempos, thick bass and sultry melodies that radiate classy cool while they whisper untoward nothings in your ear.

Marian Hill is a Philly export, nominally composed of vocalist Samantha Gongol and electronic producer/artist Jeremy Lloyd. Their current LP, Sway, also heavily features jazz player/saxmaster Steve Davit, for the betterment of all mankind, I assure you.

Look, I didn't want to tell you this way, but you've got a fever. And the only cure is more saxamaphone. Luckily, Marian Hill is here to save you.

Got It

Where to find Marian Hill:
Twitter: @MarianHillMusic

Light PS: they are well on their way to releasing their second album, ACT ONE, some songs from which are already available and in at least one case (Amazon) if you pre-order the album, you'll get the tracks as they release going toward the finish. Also, they've got a super cool looking murdered-out signed vinyl pre-order situation on their main site store, so also give that the 'ol eyeball. I am beset on all sides by temptation, reader.



As foretold in the previous post, I am again attempting the difficult task of brevity. I struggle, as all do.

Genevieve sprung from the electro-pop fairy land that I exist within right now, but I find her further toward the pop end of that spectrum. "Show Your Colors" hooked me up front with an easy-going, uplifting, uptempo groove and a sing-a-long refrain, but as I went through the EP the depth and weight of "Human Again" really seeped into my pores and quickly became the track that defined Genevieve for me. I have many hopes that her first full-length will be with us soon.

Show Your Colors
Human Again

Where to find Genevieve:
Twitter: @hellogenevieve